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Why it is Beneficial to follow Safety Guidelines

Unsupervised Lady fell off the stairs and is in critical need of help.

It is very important to follow safety guidelines because they are rules by higher authorities to ensure the safety of everyone in the community.

They often prevent unwanted issues, injuries, and casualties. It promotes a safe environment for all.

One of the reasons why following guidelines is very important is because it is impossible to predict when an accident/issue will occur and they 

can possibly lead to far greater casualties with the possibility of death.

For example ignoring safety measures of using “difficult to use ” equipment such as in a car, while learning to drive a car and not using a seat belt can lead to serious and fatal casualties.

By following the rules placed down, the Prevention or reduction of fatal casualties, unwanted problems, or risks can be guaranteed.

Another reason why following safety guidelines is important is to ensure the safety of others and the community.

When these rules or guidelines are not followed, one risks the chances of putting themselves and others in grave danger.

For instance, if a person were to mishandle a highly flammable object, they risk the chances of starting a fire that may result in the loss of property and human lives, including theirs.

Often following the rule may put one in a more comfortable situation and avoid the risk of fatal casualties.

Furthermore, adhering to safety guidelines ensures a safer environment for all and encourages others to join in.

When 4 or more people are seen doing good, others instinctively want to join in. The same applies to following safety guidelines as this also promotes a safer environment if others are doing the same.

A great example would be when multitudes decided to follow safety guidelines during a pandemic by wearing face masks in public. While doing this,  they are ensuring not only their safety but others around them.

This helps promote a healthy and safe environment for everyone.

In conclusion, following the safety guidelines issued by authorities helps prevent and reduce various sorts of accidents and issues, prevents fatal damages and injuries from occurring to others around one, and it promotes a healthy and safe environment for all.

It is the responsibility of everyone as a community to follow safety guidelines and rules issued to ensure the safety of themselves and those around them.




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